companies I deeply appreciate

  • Red Hat contributes more to FLOSS than any other company, employing hundreds of developers to work full-time on it.
  • Google
    • Runs the Summer of Code program, which pays hundreds of students to work full-time for a few months on FLOSS projects of their choosing.
    • Provides Gmail for gratis, which I use as my primary web address.
    • Funds the development of Chromium, a very credible alternative to the world's major web browsers, and my personal favorite. It's also FLOSS.
    • Funds most of the development of Android, which is quickly becoming the dominant platform for high-end phones, and also happens to be mostly FLOSS (though I hate the closed development).
  • The Stack Exchange family of sites attempt to provide the best Q&A for a wide array of topics. They have succeeded specifically in one topic, programming, in a form of Stack Overflow.
  • Atlassian offers Bitbucket, a gratis hosting service for public software projects; this is a great thing, but not special since there are others offering the same, most notably GitHub. What makes it special is that it also offers gratis hosting for unlimited private repositories. I have over a dozen such repositories and each time I create one, I feel like the world is a wonderful place... I am grateful.