favorite Pelican themes

I don't like the default Pelican theme, notmyidea:

  • It is decent, but the post metadata feels cramped where its placed.
  • The is no visible link to tags, nevermind a tag cloud (which is handy).
  • I just don't like the general look.

So, I had a look at the others:

Just Read

  • [win] elegant and simple design (my favorite of all)
  • [win] displays pages as a list, all but the newest one in the view
  • Categories are 2nd-class citizens: they aren't shown on the index page
  • bullets are done wrong: the bulleted text is not indented
  • on post view, there is no distinction between Tags and Categories
  • too much border space on code snippets (pre tag?)
  • background for code snippets is not distinctive


  • [win] clean and simple design: nice menubar and sidebars
  • tags aren't shown along-aside posts


  • [win] very nice and clean design
  • no bullets (WTF!)
  • no Categories
  • hyperlinks not clear (WTF!)
  • date on Archives looks like shit
  • background for code snippets is not distinctive


  • [win] the look is different; it feels calm
  • [win] the 'moving title' effect is distracting
  • Archives look like shit (but easy to change)
  • I want my Categories shown more prominently (e.g. on menu bar)


  • [win] a trendy look
  • oversised text, especially blog title
  • background for code snippets is not distinctive
  • Archives look like shit

Bootstrap 2

  • [win] the Menu bar is unbeatable
  • the general look is too busy:
    • the Categories and Tags on the right must go
    • who wants snippets on posts
    • showing Categoy and Tag on main views
  • separate tag cloud page missing
  • line length too long