me loves new Git site design

I really like the new website design of the Git project (story). It even gained a nice and fresh icon, replacing the old which looked like it was created in 1995. Note that the old one wasn't crap either, and was already pretty much modern, following the 'simple and bold' design trend I've witnessed in recent years, practiced by trendy organisations.

I'm now jealous that it's better than that of Mercurial. I mention this because Mercurial is the only VCS I actually like. What makes me even more jealous is that major projects like GNOME, PostgreSQL, KDE, Xorg, and (most notably) Linux use it. I'm only left with CPython, Firefox, OpenJDK on the Mercurial side. That Firefox has a greater number of installs than all the other projects mentioned combined is not enough, given that Git has at least 10 times as many users as Mercurial does.