my future involvement in wajig

After releasing version 2.5, I don't intend spending much more time in wajig. I want to learn CPython code in earnest, you know fixing bugs, improving documentation, increasing test coverage. I've already started with that, and some of my work has been committed, but am not satisfied yet. There's still a few bugs I want to work, blog posts to read, videos to watch... I suspect doing this is one good way towards being a decent developer.

This doesn't mean I will abandon wajig of course. It means I intend to keep it on maintenance mode (i.e. fixing bugs). I will even work on an odd feature request (there aren't many of those). But one thing I might work on:

  • someone asked me to restore gjig, the GUI tool that I removed from wajig some releases ago; this will be an opportunity to learn GTK+ again; I did a bit of it, even contributing patches (Tracker project), but was never quite confident
  • whenever someone ports optcomplete to argparse, I gonna put it in wajig; I find shell programming hard, and optcomplete is a brilliant workaround

For the work I did in the past working on wajig, have a look at its tag. Off the top of my head:

  • improved, simplied packaging
  • port to Python 3
  • port to argparse (from getopt), which also meant proper handling of subcommands
  • increased usage of python-apt, instead of hand-crafted (and ugly) code
  • a few feature additions
  • (lots of) modernising the code
  • (lots of) cleaning up

And over 700 commits later, I am glad.