unrealized dreams

My biggest dream for a long while was becoming a DD (Debian Developer), but why am I not pursuing that? Let me just say laziness and lack of motivation, or even lack of focus. There's so many things I want to be technically proficient at and it's tough to choose one (Python coding, Debian system admin, GTK+, Tracker, Xorg). And there's distractions all over the place.

Whether I'm going ahead with this is still unresolved so the dream ain't nearly dead, but the dead dream is that of becoming an academic in some field. As with FLOSS there's many interesting fields to choose from (mathematics, electronics, computer science, physics) but I ain't going any of these routes, most likely because I don't enjoy formal education, disliking the pressures involved. Hating stress, I would rather pursue these on my own as I'm doing with FLOSS. Or maybe I'm just a chicken, afraid of committing! I mean I didn't even finish my university degree due to similar excuses I mention above. Ah well...

Sep 17, 2009